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ECEC Headquarter:
East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
70 Wangjiang Road Hefei 230024, Anhui Province P. R. China
Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
Beijing Time: 9:00am-12:00am in the morning,
                     1:00pm-5:00pm in the afternoon.

Contacts for projects located outside China:
International Business Division, ECEC
Phone: +86-551-6362-6375
F a x:   +86-551-6364-1192
E-mail: liupeishi@

Contacts for projects located inside China:
Commercial Division, ECEC
Phone: +86-551-6362-6440
F a x:   +86-551-6363-1517
E-mail: houxiaozhong@



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