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Nowadays, it is one of the main objectives of any engineering company to provide advanced and applicable technology to its customers. Possession of or access to advanced technologies is a key factor for a company to maintain a leading position in the fields of its activities.

ECEC spares no efforts in developing new technology on its own initiatives and at the same time keeps very close relationships with many licensors throughout the world. ECEC works for the specific need of each client by providing optimum plant design and construction. In the following areas, ECEC combines its own know-how and rich experience as well as technology from licensors to improve the plant economic benefit at the lowest possible production cost.

Through the development in the past 50 years, ECEC has formed its core competencies in the building of following plants applying ECEC¨s Technical Expertise

1.Coal Chemicals
1.1 Coal to methanol
1.2 FMTP
1.3 Coal to glycol
1.4 Coal to natural gas
1.5 Coal to liquid
1.6 Coke oven gas processing

2. Nitrogenous fertilizers
2.1 Large, medium and small-sized synthetic ammonia plants
2.2 Synthetic ammonia feed gas production by partial oxidation of coke oven gas
2.3 Large, medium and small-sized urea plants, granular urea plant
2.4 Ammonium sulphate

3. Phosphate compound fertilizers

3.1 Large and medium-sized phosphoric acid plants
3.2 Large-sized double-tank phosphoric acid production process technology
3.3 Super sulphate phosphate (SSP) plants
3.3 Triple super phosphate (TSP) plants
3.5 Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) plants
3.6 NP compound fertilizer plants
3.7 NPK compound fertilizer plants
3.8 Powder mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) plants

4. Potassium fertilizers

4.1 Potassium nitrate for farming
4.2 Potassium sulfate
4.3 Potassium chloride

5. Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

6. Basic chemical raw materials
6.1 Sulfuric acid production by pyrite, sulfur and smelting gases
6.2 Dilute and concentrated nitric acid
6.3 Caustic soda and soda ash
6.4 Refining of coal-tar and crude benzol
6.5 Air separation plant
6.6 Hydrogen generation plant

7. TiO2 pigment
7.1 Anatase and rutile TiO2 pigment production by sulphate process
7.2 TiO2 pigment production by chloride process
7.3 Synthetic rutile production by leaching ilmenite with acid in the fluidized bed
7.4 HCl recovery technology by burning of FeCl2 spent mother liquor in synthetic rutile production
7.5 Production of iron red pigment or magnetic ferric oxide with by-product of ferrous sulfate in
     TiO2 pigment production by sulfate process
7.6 Concentration technology of spent acid in TiO2 pigment production by sulfate process

8. Coating
8.1 Latex paint and water base coatings
8.2 Amino, polyster, acrylic, nitro, perchlorovinyl paints and associated resins
8.3 Advanced 10,000 t/a alkyd resin plant
8.4 Road sign paint and automobile paint production plant
8.5 Powder coating production plant

9. Organic chemicals
9.1 Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE)
9.2 Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
9.3 Butene concentration
9.4 Melamine
9.5 Production of total solvent (butanol, ethanol, propanol) by fermentation process
9.6 Methanol, formaldehyde

10. Inorganic salts and metallurgy
10.1 Sodium sulfide
10.2 Sodium bichromate
10.3 Ultra-fine Calcium carbonate
10.4 Lithopone

11. Municipal works
11.1 Integrated heating and power supply plant
11.2 Thermal power
11.3 City gas
11.4 Municipal water supplyand sewerage
11.5 Municipal planning, gardening design

12. Environmental protection
12.1 High concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment
12.2 Industrial wastewater treatment by pure oxygen aeration process
12.3 Treatment of wastewater from gas generation and synthesis-carbonation sections in
       nitrogenous fertilizer enterprises
12.4 Water quality stabilization technique
12.5 Treatment of wastewater containing phenols, oils
12.6 Organic wastewater treatment by A/O process
12.7 Treatment technologies for other various kinds of industrial wastewater
12.8 Municipal wastewater treatment
12.9 Urban rubbish disposal
12.10 Industrial solid wastes disposal
12.11 Desulphurization of effluent gases

13.Tank farm of oil, gas and chemicals



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