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                     ECEC fields of activities mainly cover the following areas:
    1、 Coal Chemicals
      1)  Coal to methanol
      2)  FMTP
      3)  Coal to glycol
      4)  Coal to natural gas
      5)  Coal To Liquid
      6)  Coke Oven Gas Processing
2、 Nitrogenous Fertilizers
3、 Phosphate Compound Fertilizers
4、 Potassium Fertilizer
5、 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
6、 Basic Chemical Raw Materials
7、 TiO2 pigment
8、 Coating
9、 Organic Chemicals
10、Inorganic Salts
11、Thermal Power and Wind Power
12、City Gas
13、Water Supply
14、Environmental Protection
15、Tank Farm of Oil, Gas and Chemicals

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